My parents were my first inspiration. Both were highly creative and very productive. Each was very visual. Everything in their environment was important and chosen with care. And the things they chose were often really fun. Some furnishings appeared in my father's books and perhaps some were acquired after he drew similar objects, like the victrola. I especially remember my father's air of preoccupation and intense engagement with his work. Interrupting him in his home studio was an experience. Once you had his attention—allowing time for a startled pause—he was always unfailingly kind and truly interested. Still, he couldn't quite hide his desire to quickly settle your issue and get back to work.  

I followed him into the worlds of children's books and design and he taught me to collect ideas to use as a creative launchpad. I snap photos, follow instagram feeds, and cut and paste pics into notebooks. Much of my recent art has been based on photos I've taken. I also photograph art in museums, galleries, and children's books and photograph designs I like. My designs favorite designs are stamps, wine bottles and book covers.  I sometimes look through a couple of my dad's old typography books to select fonts for design or visualize a look. Below are some of the visuals that inspire me, broken out by searchable tags. #kidsbooks #illustration #design #newyorkcity #nyc #urban #nature #art.