I'M AN ARTIST, ILLUSTRATOR, AND DESIGNER. I have a BA in Fine Art from Bennington College and have studied art in many other settings. I have an M.A. in Counseling which comes in handy at the educational nonprofit where I work as a graphic artist. I left the practice of counseling years ago, the moment I discovered apple computers and design software. Having three rowdy young children also had something to do with my desire to seek solitary work. I enjoy working in Adobe software—especially InDesign and Photoshop—as well as digital drawing programs. On occasion I pitch in with html/CSS, Wordpress, and social media. I'm the illustrator of  Lyle Walks the Dogs, a collaboration with my father, Bernard Waber. You can read about him and learn about his many children's books, including Lyle the Crocodile, at  bernardwaber.com

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