Drawings from Life

Before Lyle Walks the Dogs, the majority of my drawings were abstract. But I took so many urban photographs for the book that I got very caught up in the visual rhythms and colors of the city. Seeing an exhibition of the paintings of Rudy Burckhardt was a particular inspiration. I fell in love with the way some of his paintings zeroed in on the smallest details of urban landscape. His painting of a manhole is wonderful.

Most of my drawings are done in some combination of marker, watercolor, and pencil on bristol paper. I like working small.  I love building layers of color and find the monotony of small pencil strokes soothing. A few drawings are digital. I've used Adobe Ideas thus far. 

And finally: Please feel free to share, but only with attribution. Reproduction or commercial use of any kind is not permitted without permission. You may reach me by using my contact page.